Plenty of Twin Cities shops stock beautiful, high-quality yarn. But only a few offer the easy conversation and camaraderie that has been part of knitting circles since the olden days. At Depth of Field, the large wooden table near the front desk is the de facto gathering place. Sometimes silence reigns, broken only by the click of needles. But veteran knitters are often overheard helping newcomers to figure out patterns or choose yarn. Even the most misshapen sock gets some praise before its maker unravels it to start again. For those needing a bit more instruction, the shop offers many classes at affordable prices. (Weaving classes are also available on a less frequent basis.) When it comes to the tools of the trade, Depth of Field offers a large selection of pattern books, needles, yarn, etc. For the bargain hunter (contrary to what you might think, knitting is not an inexpensive hobby), discounted yarns and patterns are available upstairs in the loft.

Location Details

405 Cedar Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55454


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