Everyday People

White leather jacket? Check. Black granny dress? Got it. Polyester? No prob. It's true, vintage fashion never goes out of style, whether you're a cash-strapped coed, an art-school wannabe, or just someone who can't resist anything that looks like it came from Katharine Hepburn's closet. But just like the fashionista who can tell couture from prêt-à-porter from a mile away, seasoned vintage-clothing hunters also know that just because the clothes are old they're not necessarily worth the trouble of washing out the mothball smell and mending the cigarette burns--not to mention the cost and trouble of acquiring them. Thankfully, the folks at Everyday People are a picky lot. The store may be small, but rest assured that each square foot holds quality stuff. To be fair, not everything in stock is vintage: Some of it is actually last year's Gap or J. Crew staple. Nonetheless, you can satisfy your longing for the sepia-toned era while scoring a pair of broken-in Fluevogs as well. Now that's fabulous, sweetie--and efficient, too!

Location Details

323 14 Ave. SE
Minneapolis MN 55414


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