Those brave enough to permanently decorate their bodies by way of repeated jabs of a sharp implement often experience inner conflict. The id envisions going through the rite of passage in a hole in the wall on the wrong side of town, surrounded by rowdy sailors and the cheap floozies whose names now grace the sailors' buttocks, swilling tequila straight from the bottle to dull the pain being inflicted by a sweaty, unshaven ex-con named Razor. Once the superego takes over, you might want to check out Acme. Proprietor (and 45-year veteran tattoo artist) Don Nolan and his wife Tanika run a tattoo parlor more closely resembling a cross between a medical exam room and an art gallery than the last stop on the road to ruin. Not only is Acme licensed by the City of St. Paul, the state health department, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the place maintains standards of cleanliness so high that even Mayo Clinic physicians have ventured north to be inked by the multi-multi-award-winning Nolan. No drunkenness or alcohol consumption is tolerated on the premises, but the staff and artists are so friendly, you may be able to convince one of them to let you call him Razor.

Location Details

1045 Arcade St.
St. Paul MN 55106


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