Something about the layout of this spacious, uncluttered expanse of pumps, boots, and sandals seems to guide your eye to that perfect pair. Once you've homed in, a salesperson veritably materializes at your side, attentive but not pushy. (You may even get the poetic kind: "What does this mean," we asked, "'relaxed fit' sneakers?" "It means," whispered our clerk, "they're going to make love to your feet.") Ample mirrors make it easy to check your footwear from all angles as you glide through wide aisles, testing the fit. The selection here is vast enough to match any mood or price range, from basic white Keds ($26) to splashy Fendi mules with yellow Mary Jane straps, extra-high, spindly metal heels, and a bright multicolor pattern in a silken needlepoint design ($535). And the best part? The return policy, described by one manager as "Whenever!" Translation: At Nordstrom you can bring those shoes back anytime, no matter how worn they may be, for any reason, even if it's because you just don't like them.

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100 NW Drive
Bloomington MN 55425


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