A good manicure is a quick, delightfully simple way to get a little pampering--and who doesn't deserve that? To achieve it, you want to go someplace where you'll feel...well, pampered. And this is the place. The nail room, off to one side of this lovely full-service salon, is a quiet little alcove. Even though it looks out directly onto busy Hennepin Avenue, it's painted in soothing neutral tones and outfitted with a comfy chair, plush pillows, and rejuvenatingly lush green plants--it's like having your nails done in a little oasis! With her vivid red hair and bubblingly gregarious personality, Tammy Boots will make you feel instantly at ease while she's doing your nails. No matter whether you have ragged cuticles or--heaven forbid--a nasty nail-biting habit, there will be no stern judgment. Rather, she'll listen to you (and all your tales of woe) and help think of things you can do to keep your hands and nails as healthy and attractive as possible. Here's someone who clearly loves what she does; it's your good fortune that what she does is make you feel and look good. There's the soothing hand and arm massage with your choice of scented oils, and the delicate buffing and polishing with the latest lacquers from OPI. Regular manicures are $20, French are $25. Well worth it for this little smidgen of serenity.


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