The Hub Hobby Center in Little Canada is a little more well-rounded: There are kites and crystal radio sets to entertain spouses and children who don't know HO scale from a hole in the ground, and nice carpeting. But if you want to look through more models than a hundred people can build in a lifetime, go to Scale Model Supplies. This pegboard-walled basement space is filled from floor to ceiling with everything from military hardware (Sopwith Camels, Harrier jets) to character models (Henry the Eighth, anyone?) to dioramas (giant scorpions on the rampage!). But although the assortment of other models is staggering, model railroading is where Scale Model Supplies' heart lies, as evidenced by the retired railroad-crossing sign that signals the front door. The stock includes hundreds of railroad-related items (videos, books, miniature buildings) in addition to model trains in all scales, and a demonstration area where you can see what stuff looks like once it's assembled. Of course, this hobby brings new meaning to the term "Some Assembly Required." On a recent visit, a patient mom was overheard cooling her young son's jets: "We have to build our hill first. Then we can decide to put some buildings on our hill." Words to live by.

Location Details

458 N. Lexington
St. Paul MN 55104


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