Frilly coleus. Freaky lilies. Heavy-duty hoses. Tons of mulch, manure, and meals. Bamboo plant stakes. Papyrus. Sundials. Cedar trellises. Herbs (santolina, curry, basil, lavender, thyme) up the wazoo. Ferns. Purple waterproof gloves. Pond liners. Fountain pumps. Northern Lights azaleas. A weather-wizened vinehouse. Watering wands. Bulbs. Silver hummingbird feeders. Gold-twigged dogwoods. A surplus of seed packs. A plethora of pines. Clay pots, wood pots, steel pots, patinated pots, mossy pots, sphagnum-lined pots, peat pots, pitter pots, putter pots. A glorious gazebo. A dazzy display garden. Fruit trees. Veggie starters. Climate-defying clocks. Arctic-grade thermometers. Obelisks. Cacti. Rush. Mugo. Open year-round (except, as posted, during blizzards).


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