Downtown Eyes

They'll never let you out of this nondescript downtown Minneapolis emporium wearing an ill-fitting or unbecoming pair of shades. The staff simply won't permit it. Located on Ninth Street since 1991 and owned by optometrist-in-residence Dr. Robert Toomey, Downtown Eyes carries all the hot brands but none of the attitude. Specs designed by Calvin Klein, Armani, DKNY, BCBG, and Lafont are priced to beat those snooty specialty shops. The lenses are ground in a lab located just a few blocks away, so even the most exotic prescription can be filled in a day or so. Best of all, everyone in the place is a trained troubleshooter, especially Dr. Toomey's gregarious wife Barb, the operation's heart and soul. If a customer has frames that are crooked or are pinching at the nose, Barb's there to make sure he doesn't leave without looking sharp and seeing straight.


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