This, the newest jewel in the Cheapo crown, gets the nod over the other branches by virtue of its varied catalog. Which, of course, comes courtesy of its proximity to an enormous college campus. Oh, to be young again, to have the energy for romance, hard partying, and cutting class to buy CDs with someone else's money! God only knows why someone would fall out of love with the collected works of Loverboy, Boredoms, or Clint Black--but there they all are. The store also carries a fair amount of new releases (look at them as potential used CDs), creatively pimped in the large front window: Potted palms match the foliage on an Indigo Girls poster, while swatches of black velvet, faded silk roses, and electric candles decorate strategically placed Cure flats. Of course, you didn't come to Cheapo for the décor...

Location Details

1300 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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