This is decidedly not the place for the person who thinks of his car as an extension of himself. You know, the guy who spends all day Sunday polishing each piece of plastic with a special plastic-detailing rag. The rest of us go to Jiffy and get on with our lives. For $11, the good folks at this car wash will subject your heap to a thorough vacuuming-out and scrubbing-down, cheerfully transforming it into less of an eyesore than it was when you drove in. What more could a normal person ask for? "Where is the smoke-filled lobby?" you ask. "And what happened to the guy who drops his ashes on the seats because he's staring at my boobs?" Gone. Gone! At Jiffy there's always fresh candy in the machines and the little Christmas-tree air fresheners for sale at the counter don't have cobwebs on them. Go ahead, buy one!

Location Details

3740 Kipling Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55416


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