Perversely, as undemonstrative as we Twin Citians are, there's something about this place that breeds the impulse to express our politically correct selves on our automobiles. When you see a vehicle belonging to such a bumper-sticker aficionado, you can be pretty sure he or she stocked up at Northern Sun. Prices are quite reasonable ($1.75 per; cheaper if you buy an assortment of ten or more), and the huge selection is divided into a half-dozen left-thinking categories (the environment, lesbian/gay, multiculti, etc.). Now, we're not the type to adorn our heap, but even we were tempted by the likes of "I HAVEN'T BEEN THE SAME SINCE THAT HOUSE FELL ON MY SISTER." And "VISUALIZE USING YOUR TURN SIGNAL." Another winner: "GOD WAS MY COPILOT, BUT WE CRASHED IN THE MOUNTAINS AND I HAD TO EAT HIM." If you're too much of a purist to own a car, the store also stocks T-shirts, mugs, posters, cards, buttons, and more.

Location Details

2916 E. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55406


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