Sure, you could scour the classifieds, glide from garage sale to estate sale, or wait for the snow to fall and the prices to drop at the nearest chain. But if you're seriously looking for a new ride, take a spin over to Freewheel. The laid-back, worker-owned store on Minneapolis's West Bank has competitive prices on a dozen major brands. They offer a free tune-up clinic for new owners, a three-month, after-sale discount on their head-turning clothing and state-of-the art accessories. They even teach inexpensive maintenance classes. But what pushes Freewheel ahead of the pack is their do-it-yourself repair shop in the back, where riders can table their wounded bikes, dig into the toolbox, and operate for just six bucks an hour. And if you can't manage to put your derailleur back together, one of Freewheel's on-staff cyclists will happily intervene.

Location Details

1812 S. 6th St. Minneapolis
Minneapolis MN 55454


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