William Prottengeier

Madonna may be striking a few of the poses these days, but the act of seeking inner peace while working up a sweat was around long before the Material Girl rolled out her exercise mat. Take B.K.S. Iyengar, for example. The guru is past 80 and his leg still goes behind his head just as easily as you please. Of course, we're half a world away from Mr. Iyengar's pad in India, but here we have William Prottengeier and his 25 years of experience to teach us the master's method. It's rigorous work, for sure, but Prottengeier has a sense of humor when it comes to teaching enlightenment. And he'll never bullshit you: Yoga is a lifetime practice, not a fad. A class here and a class there may make you more limber than most, but the challenge lies in the commitment to learning and having patience (not to mention faith) in your individual process.


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