Burch Pharmacy

Walk into this Burch Pharmacy and find yourself transported back to the 1950s or thereabouts. They have lots of food, much of which will bring back memories--like those little wienies packed in that weird, salty yellow broth; all that's missing is a soda fountain. Several of the employees have been working here for years and they're not shy about giving advice, whether you're choosing a snack or inspecting boxes of hair color. "Oh hon, your hair looks pretty just the way it is. Don't touch it." Every two or three months, a couple of these devoted ladies climb up into each of the four front windows to create a new display--a process that can take days to complete. Right now, a mix of loosely connected themes awaits the would-be shopper: Window number one, which faces Sebastian Joe's, features a wide assortment of Looney Tunes characters hanging in crucifixionlike poses on a background of faded purple construction paper while character-emblazoned coffee cups, canteens, and key chains crowd the shelf below. Window number two is jammed full of stuffed animals, puzzles, and T-shirts, with an assortment of bald-eagle collectible plates and pewter sculptures thrown in. Window three has a junior-high theme complete with locker note pads, magnets, and picture frames that say "disco queen" and "girlfriend." But the pièce de résistance is the last window, which faces Hennepin Avenue. A big log draped with fake greenery serves as a makeshift rainforest, while stuffed monkeys hang from the log and stuffed tigers dot the jungle floor, flanked by scruffy-looking raccoons. Raccoons?


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