Grab your mittens, load the sleds into the car, and take Lexington south from Larpenteur. Four blocks in, when the road veers to the left and heads downhill, look to your right. You can't miss it: there, spread out below, you'll see as perfect a panorama of winter wonderland as you're going to find in the metro area. Little kids in snowsuits, cross-country skiers, ice-skating ponds, and, most important for your purposes, a big (for the Midwest) sledding hill. Sledding--let's face it--is pretty much the same from hill to hill, particularly when you're under ten years of age--and quite frankly, once you've reached a certain age, death-defying hills are probably not your cup of tea, either. What wins us over here is the scenery, not to mention the numbers of friendly, noses-red-with-cold people who've turned out to celebrate the season in a similar fashion. Plus, once you're all wintered out, you can hop back in the car and, in a matter of seconds, arrive in the tropical warmth of the Como Conservatory, shed your downy layers, and pretend for the moment that it's snow that's the exception, winter that's the exotic destination, and warmth that's the rule.

Location Details

1339 Theodore Wirth Parkway
Minneapolis MN 55411


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