It's the classic David-and-Goliath story, except that Xena the Warrior Princess is a more appropriate protagonist for this version. Amazon Bookstore, now celebrating its 30th anniversary as a haven for women's literary minds, has been around a heckuva lot longer than its similarly monikered dot-com adversary, but when the online bookseller made itself into a favorite credit-card destination, our local heroines figured it was time to protect their good name. The case didn't go to trial, so we'll never know who was right in the eyes of the law; the Loring Park Amazons did accept a settlement (in an undisclosed amount) that will allow them to expand their operations and share a new and bigger building with the Chrysalis Center for Women. More book discussion groups, classes, services, and, of course, a coffee bar should make this new venture at 44th and Chicago, projected to open mid-July, a success. So what's in a name?


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