Our jaw dropped when we first saw Serving Time: America's Most Wanted Recipes last December. On the cover, a chipper Sara Jane Olson (formerly Kathleen Soliah and currently accused of helping the Symbionese Liberation Army place bombs under police cars back in 1975) glibly holding a spatula in one hand, a pair of handcuffs in the other. The spiral-bound book is illustrated with photos accented by hand-drawn touches: Olson, playful, a punch bowl on her head; Olson, wronged, her face surrounded by a picture frame (get it?); Olson, defiant, fending off the ubiquitous media in the form of a microphone and video camera. Equally audacious is the $19.95 price tag, proceeds of which go to Olson's defense fund. The recipes, culled from Olson's index cards as well as those of family and friends, range from glazed rutabagas to Somali rice, coq au vin to French silk pie. The glorious chutzpah of it all is worth a look--even if you don't care to try Marie Moe's Wacky Cake.


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