As both the Minnesota Twins and the Guthrie Theater were searching for a new home, St. Paul Pioneer Press theater critic Dominic Papatola hit upon what he modestly termed "a solution so simple, so elegant": A combination baseball stadium and theater. "Can Guthrie patrons learn to do the wave?" wondered Papatola. "Is it even legal to sell Chardonnay at a baseball game?" We can't figure out why stakeholders have been slow to embrace this outside-the-batting-box idea. (Could it be that not enough people watch Almanac? Nah...) But perhaps the tongue-in-cheek dream--which, Papatola noted, would give new meaning to the term "Shakespeare in the Park"--isn't completely dead: The site where city leaders and the Guthrie now plan a new theater sits right about where the Twins once envisioned a ballpark. Hmmm...


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