Red Eye Cinema

The movies-and-music-in-the-park combo has long been a local tradition, and lately no one puts on a more stellar show than Red Eye Cinema, proud cosponsor of the Wednesday-night summer series in Minneapolis's Stevens Square Park. That Red Eye brings its typically astute programming skills to bear on an outdoor series with already ample appeal--arranging entire eight-week seasons around a given theme--is impressive enough. But what themes! The 1998 edition recruited Zorro, Billy Jack, and Jesus Christ to embody "Everyday Heroes" (not to mention magnanimous bands such as the Carpetbaggers and the Rhyme Sayers Collective). And last year's rigorous "All in a Day's Work," featuring the likes of Car Wash, Norma Rae, Roger & Me, and Salt of the Earth, was just about the closest thing to an outdoor Marxist film festival that we could have imagined. (Good work, comrades!) The diverse crowds in Stevens Square have numbered around 300 for these events, and may well climb even higher this year for "The American Century in Film and Music," a bigger-is-better series whose blockbusters will include Casablanca (June 14), Saturday Night Fever (July 5), Thelma & Louise (July 19), and that most Minneapolitan of movies, Purple Rain (July 12).

Location Details

15 W. 14th St.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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