Yes, Morticia, there is a tango community in Minnesota--and quite a healthy one at that. And no, we flat-footed, body-shy Midwesterners do not necessarily recoil and run when asked to touch (much less dance with) someone we are not married to. Indeed, we are quite good at imitation (if we are shown a couple of times), and when the lights are low and we have screwed our courage to the sticking place, we can forget ourselves and even become a bit giddy. A fine social outlet at which to embrace that giddiness from time to time is Lois Donnay's Tango Society of Minnesota. This outfit hosts lessons ($5 to $15) up to four nights each week at four different venues and by appointment. Monthly, there are the Milongas ($8), nights that open with a crash course full of reassurances from Argentine tango masters and graduate to a roomful of couples of all ages whirling effortlessly under low lights for hours. In the cold months, the Milongas, like the lessons, take place indoors. In the summer months, there are field trips and dancing on the riverbank under a fertile moon. Just a couple of visits is all it takes to get the tango in your blood; before long, you'll learn to say, with the sang-froid of the true tango aficionado, "Oh, it's not all that different from walking."


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