Somewhere, in a room thick with cigarette smoke, women of all ages, shapes, and sizes are shakin' their moneymakers like there's no tomorrow. They dance alone, with one another, in pairs and in groups and sometimes, intoxicated by euphoric memories and 2-for-1 Bud Lights, with an unsuspecting gentleman plucked from the throng of onlookers. The place: any local watering hole with a PA and a younger clientele. The soundtrack: everything from KC and the Sunshine Band to Loverboy, as heard live through a random group of smart-assed, underpaid musicians hoping to cash in on retro fever. It's uncertain why this particular type of music causes single women to shed their inhibitions (and often their clothing) and become aggressive in their quest for love. Perhaps for the younger women who were drinking from sippy cups the first time this music became popular, the sounds of Pat Benatar and ABBA take them back to a simpler time, before they concerned themselves with whether those pants made their asses look big or how many dates should pass before, well, you know. They are restored to a state of shamelessness and naive hedonism. For the older crowd, the shows may enable them to reenact those free-wheeling days before there was a hepatitis for every letter of the alphabet. Whatever their motivation, the unattached female patrons at retro shows are ready for love, and they won't stop till they're satisfied.


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