"Do you mean scum?" Person One asks. "If you mean scum, try the Saloon." "Well, everyone knows about Lunds on Sunday morning," says Person Two. We're standing in Calhoun Square just outside Starbucks talking about where the boys are, and he points to the Borders across the hall--"And there." Person Three remarks that, since they've put cameras in the bathroom at the Dayton's basement, this somewhat seedy option is out. But the Oscar party at the State, he says, lent itself to some particularly nice comparison shopping--especially in the dessert buffet line. In the end, though, all three come around to talking about BOOM. In this Dewars ad of a bar (tasteful, tasteful, tasteful, from the blond wood to the odd metal satellite over the bar in the center of the room), tout Minneapolis turns out in its best Friday-night clothes to sip from hefty, well-cut tumblers, glance at the flat TVs lining the walls, and make the most of the flattering lighting. And with Bobino and the Times down the block and Oddfellows Restaurant around back, it's easy to suggest to a fellow, uh, Lunds shopper that you step off somewhere a bit quieter (for a little dessert, perhaps) without having to go very far.


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