The meandering and hell-bent alike will find much to recommend this most democratic of jogging trails. If you are gradually increasing your mileage, you'll discover that the bridges are perfectly placed. A loop encompassing Boom Island and the Hennepin Avenue bridge is just over two miles. Go to the Stone Arch Bridge before crossing over and you'll log three and a half. Central is four. Washington is six, and takes you through both the East Bank and West Bank campuses. Franklin is eight (with a hell of a hill). If you're really serious, you can figure the rest from there all the way down to the Ford Bridge. Along the way you get woods, bluffs, and falls; college campuses, crumbling flour mills that are slowly becoming loft apartments, and beautiful old houses. Couples holding hands on the Stone Arch Bridge, people drinking beer on the patios at St. Anthony Main, kids playing soccer in the parks you pass. From time to time, you may have to stop for a train, but you deserve the little rest.

Location Details

219 S. Main St.
Minneapolis MN 55410


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