Okay, so the local music scene hasn't exactly been fallow over the past decade, but it's hardly been breaking new ground either--even our most distinctive acts have played catch-up with national trends best exemplified elsewhere. But with the computer-generated pop of Triangle, our towns are finally out ahead of the (sine) curve. Others have thought of mixing intelligent drum 'n' bass (a ruminative, progressive offshoot of breakbeat-driven techno) with the cutie-pie vocals and peppy pop beloved by Radio K listeners (and their twee ilk in other burgs). But no one has realized the project as successfully as Brian Tester, Amanda Warner, and Susan Lindell--or been smart enough to temper the kitsch factor with edgy art-punk inflections. And they're just getting started--an upcoming full-length, slated for this spring, should establish their rep once and for all.


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