Boca Chica

Okay, okay. So it's dull to whip out the same superlatives year after year to describe the same spot as purveyor of the best of anything. But when it comes to the La Señora margarita at this family-owned West Side institution, we can't help it. Because year after year, like overexcited Cinco de Mayo celebrants, we just keep heading back for this most perfect of elixirs. Boca Chica knows that it's impossible to improve on the seductive, classic combination of tequila, triple sec and lime juice, served chilled in an old-fashioned martini glass rimmed with coarse salt ($4.50). Boca Chica serves theirs straight up, accompanied by nearly another round's worth in the cocktail shaker used to make it. It's fresh, and it's strong. We hope they force us to grapple with yet another set of superlatives next year.

Location Details

11 Cesar Chavez St.
St. Paul MN 55107


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