Tonya Edwards

Given all the wheeling and dealing that went down at the Target Center this winter, our selection of the Lynx's finest b-baller has less to do with talent than with who's left standing. At the end of last summer's inaugural season, sinuous forward Brandy Reed led the team in points, rebounds, steals, blocks, crowd-wow, and disciplinary benchings. Status: Traded to Phoenix for a first-round draft pick. Guard Tonya Edwards seconded Reed in points, blocks, and applause, and trumped her in stubborn passion. Status: Traded to Phoenix. Three more Lynx went in trades and the WNBA's expansion draft. Which leaves the team with half of last year's players, the best of whom spent the past season coming back from an ACL injury. Katie Smith is a forward with a dead-eye three-point shot and a lot to live up to: a 17.4 scoring average in her last full ABL season (1997-98) and a 20.1 average in college. The good news: Smith averaged 14.6 points in the last nine games of 1999, she has been playing with the U.S. Olympic squad, and she's only 25.


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