Before you mutter, "What the fug--a government site?" take a peek. Too many Web hot spots offer nothing more than a quick chuckle, which grows old after a visit or two. But bookmarking this baby can actually help make you a more informed Web citizen. During the legislative sessions, you can track proposed laws as they live and die at the Capitol. You can e-mail a "Right on!" or a rant to Governor Ventura as well as any state legislator or other official. You can download a consumer complaint form from the Attorney General's Office if someone has done you wrong. You can plug into a job bank. Through the Department of Revenue, you can get an estimate of how much of a sales-tax rebate you can expect. Folks looking to travel may plug into the bottomless resources of the Department of Natural Resources (for info on state parks and forests) or the Minnesota Office of Tourism. Heck, you can find out whether your chiropractor's state registration is current, and whether she's ever been disciplined by the state. Plus, there's a ton of links to local government entities in case you'd care to, say, look up your neighbor's property-tax information. Sorry, no porn or stock tips: just a bunch of useful information.


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