It would be so easy to pick one of the many sage insights from the now-famous Playboy interview, wherein the First Rube offered excuses for sexual harassment in the navy, professed his profound desire to be reincarnated as a 38DD bra, and mocked suicide. But for our money, Ventura's downright stoopidest crack of the year was less moronically foot-in-the-mouth than any of those witticisms. As the 2000 legislative session began, it was clear that Ventura's precious transportation agenda was in danger of being derailed. In an attempt to verbally twist the arms of some lawmakers, Ventura said that if they didn't do as he said, he'd stick around longer. Ooh! "I'm taking a new attitude," Ventura huffily told the press in late February. "The more they complain, the more chances are I'll run for re-election. But if they're good to me, then I might do like in Brooklyn Park and ride off into the sunset after one term." As if the Legislature cared. It was perhaps the weakest threat yet from a politically insecure bully who only seems to get along with people willing to kiss his big behind. A refreshing change from "politics as usual," indeed.


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