The release of Antidisestablishmetabolism, the first disc from these St. Paul Central High polyrhythm practitioners would have been an event by itself--the culmination of a year of sweaty, hilarious Bon Appétit slams and a deservedly burgeoning rep. But February's CD-release show at the Foxfire was more than an event; it was a veritable defining moment in the Twin Cities all-ages scene. Anyone who thinks the hip-hop kids and the indie-rock kids belong to separate camps should have seen underagers of all footwear fashions, hairstyles, and skin tones getting on the best foot they could. But Hierospecs--with their funk rhythm section and horny horns--remained the focal point, mixing their own joints with a lively, ramshackle version of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" that not only included some of the same lyrics but also included some of the same notes. After a hiatus, the kids should be getting back into the groove come summer.


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