We don't object to the cheating. The NCAA stopped being about academics when Jerry "The Shark" Tarkanian made sure America knew that the University of Nevada was in Las Vegas. And let's face it, after the media circus that followed the St. Paul Pioneer Press's investigative report on fraud in the University of Minnesota's basketball program, U president Mark Yudof had no choice but to send the coach back to his Kentucky farm in time for harvest--$1.5 million or no $1.5 million--and the coach knew it. So hats off to the former Bull for bringing big-time college basketball to the prairie. What irks us just a little, though, is that after all that hard work by Jan Gangelhoff, all Clem "The Gem" could muster was a half-dozen trips to the NIT, a single Big Ten championship, and one lousy appearance in the Final Four. At least Tark stole a title.


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