The scene at the Gay 90's just hasn't been the same since hordes of heterosexuals discovered the La Femme drag revue. And certainly, there are newer, perhaps more elegant bars catering to a gay male clientele, like the posh Boom on East Hennepin. But there's just something comfortable about the Saloon, an institution here since the 1970s. You certainly won't find any bachelorette parties staggering through here. But you will find a friendly atmosphere and some delicious people-watching. Take your pick on the music, too: "Resurrection Sundays" features great, danceable retro-Eighties music, Tuesdays has a Latin theme, and the jam-packed Friday and Saturday nights lean hard on techno. To paraphrase diva Alicia Bridges, "Please don't talk about clubs tonight"--just head to the Saloon.

Location Details

830 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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