Prince was having a "garage sale."

The word on the street last August was that The Artist Formerly Known As Prince was having a "garage sale." Would he sit outside selling lemonade? Would he haggle with us over the best price for a pair of rhinestone-studded boots? The lines became longer and the TV crews circled. As it turned out, Symbol Man was nowhere in sight and his sale was little more than an excuse to unload some old merchandise, but hey, some of us now own purple tambourines, special-edition perfume (with a fuzzy cap!), berets from the, um, multitalented NPG dancers, and gen-yew-wine Purple Rain and Lovesexy tour passes. Erotic neon signs from the Sign O' the Times stage set were worth the hundred bucks, as were all the gear boxes being scooped up by bargain-hunting local bands. Not bad, but next time the Artist might take a page from the garage-sale handbook: more stuff from the closet, less from the store.


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