It all began on July 2, when Apple Valley Mayor Mary Hamann-Roland took her kids on a day trip to the city's Aquatic Center. By all accounts, Hamann-Roland dutifully forked over for the entry of her three daughters. But according to the pool worker on duty, she declined to pay for her own $2.50 ticket--saying that she was, after all, the mayor. After an irate bystander complained to the city council, the matter was referred to police and prosecutors in neighboring Eagan. The wheels of justice lurched forward and, in August, the mayor was charged with obtaining unauthorized compensation as a public official, a misdemeanor offense. Just as the case was set to go to trial in February, a deal was struck: Prosecutors agreed to drop the charge if Hamann-Roland remains law-abiding for the next year. Thankfully, both sides also agreed to refrain from any further talk about the silly saga.


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