Minnesota Women's Press

Since its inception 15 years ago, every issue of the Minnesota Women's Press has featured a front-page profile of one noteworthy woman, from maverick St. Paul schools superintendent Patricia Harvey to Terry Ventura, plus hundreds of poets, rabbis, soccer moms, and entrepreneurs. More than anything else in this biweekly perennial, these pieces reflect the philosophy of "founding mothers" Mollie Hoben and Glenda Martin: that every woman has a story to tell. Under editor Cynthia Scott the paper remains informed by the "hear me roar" school of Seventies feminism from which it sprung, but to its credit the paper has steadfastly refused to pigeonhole either its readers or its ethos. Thus any given issue will find MWP writers examining business, education, housing, local politics, arts, and the media--never objectively, but with devotion to the notion that "women's issues" is an inclusive beat. Given that the MWP's "community" amounts to fully half the population, it's doubly impressive that Scott and Co. have managed to serve its various segments so diligently, for so long.


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