So you're shopping for a church, and it's a personal process. You don't want to stand up during the service and introduce yourself. You don't want to wear a nametag; you don't want to put your name on any mailing lists; and you don't want to be publicly "saved"--not today, anyway. Rather, you want to be able to come and go without running a gauntlet. You want warmth, you want community, and you want it from a distance, thank you. Bethlehem, a growing urban church, is big enough to allow you to blend into the crowd, and warm enough to have people smiling and saying hi without intruding. This is clearly a vibrant, involved congregation, and it's evident that whatever they're doing is working well enough that they don't need to impel anyone else's participation. There are four services on Sunday, at 7:45, 8:45. 9:45, and 11:15 a.m.--that last one a godsend for anyone with a social life. Bethlehem draws about 1,000 people each week--enough so one more or less can easily slip in and out.

Location Details

4100 Lyndale Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55409


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