Will Grigsby

We were tempted to give the nod once again to St. Paul's Will Grigsby, the slick and feisty 108-pounder who put Minnesota back on the boxing map by winning the International Boxing Federation's junior flyweight title in 1998. But Grigsby lost a unanimous decision last fall in a slugfest with the great Mexican champion Ricardo Lopez and hasn't fought since. In boxing, staying busy counts for a lot. And "Fabulous" Fred Moore has been busy ever since he first strapped on the gloves at the relatively advanced age of 26. In 1999 Moore--who is now 32--fought and won a total of five times. The light-heavyweight's most impressive showing came in July, when he took on rugged journeyman Ken Bowman at the Shooting Star Casino in northern Minnesota. After being floored in the third, Moore picked himself up off the canvas and scored a knockout the next round. The southpaw needs to take on some tougher competition if he wants to be taken seriously by the big boys, but with a record of 21-0, he's now ranked No. 10 by the International Boxing Federation, which could mean a TV fight and more money. Before moving to Minnesota from Philadelphia, Moore had zero ring experience; in fact, he has never fought as an amateur. Now living in Zumbrota and working as a technician at a Twin Cities TV station, Moore is also one of the nicest guys in Minnesota boxing, modest and gentlemanly--and unlike many of his colleagues in this rough trade--seldom inclined to talk down the other guy.


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