Bob's Java Hut has held the title of "Best Biker Bar" for the past two years--what with their fine, strong coffee and that nifty front wall that slides up just like a garage door. (This wouldn't seem to match the Hoover Dam as an engineering feat of the 20th Century...but we digress). And so it's time to crown a new ruler. Or a whole block of rulers, even. Thus, we present this pop quiz. Where can you: a) pick up both a 1995 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy and a leopard-skin halter top for your old lady; b) chow on popcorn in a tiny, raucous place where the popper takes up half the floor; c) see live, lowdown blues or revved-up funk bands within 200 feet of each other; d) view dozens of wicked bikes at the cycle equivalent of Porky's hot-rod parking lot; e) sip a complimentary cup of coffee at closing time as you await your cab, er, wait for your lady friend to pull up on her hog? If you answered a) Easyriders, 904 19th Avenue S.; (612) 340-0400; b) The Joint, 917 Cedar Avenue S., (612) 338-9550; c) Whiskey Junction, 901 Cedar Avenue S., (612) 338-9550, and the Cabooze, 917 Cedar Avenue S., (612) 338-6425; d) the strip of asphalt in between the pizza window at Whiskey Junction and the beer garden behind the Joint/Cabooze; and e) Whiskey Junction, you are correct. The 900 block of Cedar Avenue South is also an acceptable answer for all these questions. If you guessed right, treat yourself to a $9 steak dinner, washed down with a 22-ounce "Big Mary" in the bar at Whiskey Junction, while satellite NASCAR hums and the pool balls clack ever so gently in the adjoining game room.

Location Details

904 19th Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55404


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