Amid the meat lockers and parking emporiums that make up the bloated beer garden formerly known as downtown, there is one tiny cause for guarded optimism: In two short years, the Foxfire has already become a fixture on the Minneapolis music scene. Our local emo-punk minirevival can be indirectly traced to the venue's existence, and under-21s finally have a reason to come to Minneapolis other than to buy overpriced department-store shoes. Even the club's once muffled sound system has gotten better. At present, the Foxfire is a bit short on revenue--which is probably not totally unexpected. After all, people just don't drink as much coffee as they do beer. Here's a suggestion: If Mayor Sharon really does support the arts (and "our children"), maybe we could toss a few bucks into a genuinely thriving youth culture rather than merely bolstering the genteel museumocracy for the aged bourgeoisie. If the Foxfire does eventually go under, a boycott of downtown is in order.


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