Do the words "clean porn shop" belong in the oxymoron hall of fame? Before making a final decision, those relegated to a lifetime of purchasing erotic material off the anonymous, sterile Internet would be wise to stop by Lickety Split. This is the only adult video/book store in town that can advertise both an extensive selection and a showroom that could be turned into a Gap without requiring delousing. The knowledgeable staff lounges in a small booth behind the counter, making themselves available for questions without seeming to follow customers around the store with their eyes. Lickety Split's magazine and book offerings span a wide range of arousing material, from Playboy and Gent back issues dating from the 1960s to hot-off-the-press illustrated B&D novels. In these wide aisles, even the shyest of the shy will feel comfortable perusing and purchasing copies of every local swinger paper in print. Lickety Split's video section can't help but impress both novice and veteran skin-flick fans: One can find Caligula, as well as videos depicting the courtship of Asian she-males and pregnant midgets. Lickety Split also sells the requisite cinnamon love lotions and latex girlfriends and features a small clothing boutique in the back geared toward a stripper/wannabe-stripper clientele. Those who never thought they'd experience anything more embarrassing than being spotted browsing in a naughty bookstore might find themselves talking up Lickety Split to friends and family.

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251 3rd Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55415


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