Frankly, we're sick to death of trying to figure out which of the local big-hitter wine lists is better than the other--Manny's awesome selection of a billion reds? Goodfellow's encyclopedia of fine American vineyards? D'Amico Cucina's expensive, expansive who's-who of Italian varietals and vintages? It's like trying to explain why rubies are better than emeralds, and we can't. They're all great, and if you've got the deep pockets needed to pick between them, have at it. Meanwhile, we'd like to celebrate wine lists that are personal, provocative, and priced to move: Lucia's, Auriga, Zander, take a bow! You're the choice of every non-CEO wine lover we know. Special praise is due newcomer Alma because the list is so flexible, so open, and so much an organic product of co-owner Jim Reininger's oeonophilic curiosity, it has the appeal of a farmer's market aisle in July--what's in season now? And now? Though slightly modest in scope, this list is a model of expecting the best of your customers. We're flattered.


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