Here are some things few people really want: the key to the city, an endowed chair at the university, a portrait at the capitol. If you really want to honor somebody, we say, give them something they can use--namely, a table reserved in their name forever inside ever-popular and often-packed Lucia's. That way your hero or heroine could have ready access to a constantly changing selection of well-balanced wines from around the world (recently the list included French burgundy, Contra Costa County zinfandel, Loire Valley Chenin Blanc); beers both fancy (German Pinkus Miller Organic Alt) and cheap (Guinness on tap); a constant supply of sophisticated snacks (pizza with French Pyrenees cheese, ham, leeks, olives, and Parmesan!); and even, in summer, cool breezes off the lake.

Location Details

1432 W. 31st St.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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