There's nothing but the freshest, zippiest, quickest, most goshdarn appealing food at Quang. Maybe, in fact, just a little too appealing: Our last visit found us reeling from a thick and delicious curry stew, then suddenly whipping out our calculator to try and figure out whether it made economic sense to sell the refrigerator, stove, and sundry appliances in hopes of eating nothing but Quang, forevermore. Do the math yourself--if you just stuck to the five- and six-dollar soups and bowls of noodle-salad-like bun (plus walleye soup on weekends! pork-chop rice platters when you're extra hungry! egg-roll bun when you're feeling fast and crunchy!) you could probably eat at Quang daily for a year. But if you factored in a few takeout meals of $1.75 Vietnamese hoagies packed with two or three kinds of luncheon meat, pickled vegetables, and cilantro, you might make it all the way out to 2002. See? Better have someone lock down your kitchen gadgets. We did.

Location Details

2719 Nicollet Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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