Minnesotans are nothing if not loyal, and consequently the Twin Cities boast what is, perhaps, the nation's best collection of extant period restaurants: Peter's Grill is unadulterated between-the-wars lunch counter. The Viscount Room at Little Jack's, and Murray's in its entirety, are pure Eisenhower-era two-martini lunch. The Cherokee Sirloin Room is vintage Ford administration. The St. Paul Dayton's River Room is Ronald Reagan does Falcon's Crest, and Nye's Polonaise Room is a bit of early Vegas on the Mississippi. But Cafe di Napoli isn't merely a time capsule with undeniably tasty period food--meatballs and spaghetti, spaghetti and meatballs--it's two time capsules: late-Forties Organic Moderne (dark wood booths, curvy counter, and gorgeous mural) in the back, late-Fifties/Audrey Hepburn flamingo-and-ivory sweetheart booths in the front. Now, some people will insist that they're too sophisticated for Cafe di Napoli's menu and dinner-for-a-sawbuck pricing, but we say those are the same people who'd pass up a real Eames chair in favor of veneer-reproduction Chippendale.

Location Details

114 S. 8th St.
Minneapolis MN 55402


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