You might think tea is an icky brew, appropriate only for dousing with sugar and serving over ice. And if you thought that, having been exposed through the course of your life only to the tannic dreck peddled by the multinational tea-bag cartel, you would be wrong. Terribly, terribly wrong. But you will be forgiven, because this is an anti-tea land and you had no way of knowing better. Now go to TeaSource and seek absolution in the form of malty Assam teas, fragrant Formosas, astringent Darjeelings, and assorted brilliant green teas from around the world. Best of all, proprietor Bill Waddington is so nice he won't even make you feel goofy for having drunk box wine in a fine-vineyard world. Instead he'll tell you how tea is the world's most affordable luxury (a tea that costs $100 per pound amounts to 50 cents a cup). And did you know that most teas are good for more than one "infusion"? Go figure.

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