Since you'll be saving a few bucks on dinner, start your evening with a beefy martini. The cavernous front room of this classic blue-collar supper club features a front-to-back bar stocked with affordable pours and a finely aged cast of neighborhood regulars tracking the Wolves or cheering the Vikes. In the dining room--almost always packed with large parties, extended families, and a board room's worth of local businesspeople--servers in (what else) black and white scurry to deliver the best bargains this side of KC. For a ten-spot you can chomp down on the Onion-Lover's Chopped Sirloin, smothered with sautéed onions and finished with a made-from-scratch onion ring. For seven bucks more you get the Steak of the Millennium, a 16-ounce top sirloin that barely leaves room on the plate for a baked potato. And the Steer Tenderloin Filet ($19.95 for a ten-ounce, $14.95 for a five-ounce) melts like butter on your knife.


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