Some might ask: Why does Manny's win this category every year? Why do you even bother? What's up with you idiots, anyway? To which we answer: We keep at this category because we hope that the people who run the other steak houses will go to Manny's, find out what they're doing wrong, and heat up the competition. But they're spoiled, petulant, and temperamental, and they just won't--so don't blame us. To recap: Manny's serves dry-aged, perfect steaks, charges way, way too much for side dishes ($8.95 for a serving of asparagus with hollandaise), puts out irresistible desserts that are about as nuanced as a pie in the face, and has a wine list that's irrefutably dazzling in its scope, quality, and pricing. If anyone else had steaks as good as Manny's, we'd have a contest here, but don't get your panties all up in a bunch just because they don't.

Location Details

825 Marquette Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55402


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