What makes the Birchwood stand out in a city lousy with neighborhood cafés is attention to detail. The dried-cherry scones contain cornmeal, which somehow seems to make them moist, yet grainy in a very pleasant way. The coconut macaroons are exactly the right kind of chewy. The peach cobbler is neither too sweet nor too mushy, and the key-lime pie delivers exactly the proper amount of pucker. Most days this mostly vegetarian Seward favorite offers two individual-pizza selections in the under-$6 range (one typically sporting roasted peppers and goat cheese) along with several entrées and well-seasoned, often grain-based salads. If temperatures permit, grab some Sebastian Joe's and take it to one of the picnic tables outside. Check out the boulevard a neighbor has painstakingly turned into a gardening masterpiece, slurp up the last drops of the flavor of the day, and, if you're lucky, walk home along the river.

Location Details

3311 E. 25th St.
Minneapolis MN 55406


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