If you've been living on nothing but fat-free Entenmann's from the grocery store, tread carefully here. The epiphany one of Kramarczuk's warm-from-the-oven kolaches tends to provoke might cause the more feeble among you to slip into a catatonic state reversible only with the help of a steady diet of more kolaches. An Eastern European yeast bun that's something like what a Danish would be if it acquired some sophistication, kolaches are traditionally stuffed with prunes, poppy seeds, or--our favorite--a sweetened cream cheese. Most bakeries around town have a tendency to make them too sweet. Not Kramarczuk, where they've been making all of the aforementioned flavors--as well as several others--on the premises for as long as anyone can remember.

Location Details

215 E. Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55414


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