From the basic (chocolate) to the creative (Pavarotti--caramel, banana, chocolate chip) to the strange (roasted garlic chocolate chip), Sebastian Joe's is your can't-miss choice for freshly made ice cream. With about 20 assorted flavors offered each day--they vary seemingly according to whim--there's always a new delight for your sweet tooth, whether it's a white licorice shake ($3.60), a Chocolate Cha Cha sundae (chocolate ice cream, peanut-butter topping, mixed nuts, and whipped cream for $3.30), or a single scoop of vanilla in a plain cone ($1.80). If the ice cream ain't enough to satisfy, the folks here also know how to make a great café latte, and they boast some of the better berry scones in town.

Location Details

1007 W. Franklin Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55405


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