Joey D's,

Vienna waits for you--Vienna beef, that is--at Joey D's, where kick-ass made-to-order dogs aren't the only homage to the Windy City. The street-corner ambiance, the sports paraphernalia, the umbrella-shaded patio tables, even the amiable stoicism of the staff seems intended to transport franchise-frustrated Minnesotans to the land of Bulls, Bears, and Blackhawks. Gyros, Italian beef, pizza, and all manner of deep-fried accouterments are all up to snuff, but the old-school Chicago dog is eternally where it's at, topped with well-reasoned quantities of sweet relish, onion, peppers, mustard, fresh tomato, celery salt, and a zesty pickle spear. (Five bucks still gets you two of 'em plus a drink on Mondays and Tuesdays.) If light rail ever makes it to nearby Hiawatha Avenue, Joey D's die-hards can even close their eyes and imagine they're hearing the sound of the el train en route to Wrigley.


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